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How will you be funded?

Our private equity fund will be going live soon. Our private equity fund's funding structure is designed to combine financial growth with social impact. Here's how our fund receives support:

  •  Investor Capital: We gather capital from a diverse group of investors who are looking to leverage real estate opportunities while also supporting critical causes like suicide prevention.

  •  Real Estate Investments: The capital we raise is strategically invested in a range of real estate properties. As these properties appreciate and generate rental income, a portion of the proceeds is allocated to fund Konigreich Programs

  •  Dual Returns: Our investors benefit from the potential financial returns of their investments, along with the satisfaction of knowing that their contributions are making a difference in combating a pressing societal challenge.

  • Global Reach: Our fund's investments extend across various regions, allowing us to have a broader impact on suicide prevention efforts around the world.

  •  Investment Community: By investing with us, you join a community of individuals who share a common goal: achieving financial success while contributing to positive social change.

At its core, our private equity fund offers a unique blend of financial viability and purpose-driven investing. This approach not only aligns with the values of our investors but also empowers them to shape a better future for individuals and communities.

Have you started your inpatient program?

Awesome question! We are currently in the midst of establishing our first house for our inpatient program you can find more information under the tab labelled "Projects" or subscribe to stay up to date!

Are you just based in Canada? 

We are currently just in Canada we are looking at expanding to the USA . We are looking into the potential of  charging a licensing fee where we can grow this across North America. In a way this will be like geared income which could be an alterative in real estate investing 


About the Program

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers for your convenience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Arm Around Shoulder

Is there a religious aspect to it?

We work hard for your success, if having a religious aspect to your program will help, we encourage it . Our programs are personalized for your success, during intake we will make sure to put this into your program.

Mother and Daughter

What is the criteria to get accepted?

Our ages we accept are between 18-30

Please reach out for a more detailed criteria please reach out

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Other FAQ

  • What will the  duration of the inpatient program be?

The duration of the inpatient program can vary depending on individual needs and treatment goals. It typically ranges from several weeks to a few months. The length of stay is determined through a collaborative assessment process involving the individual, their treatment team, and the progress made during the program.

  • What will the daily routine like in the inpatient program?

    • The daily routine in the inpatient program is structured and designed to provide a therapeutic and supportive environment. It typically includes a combination of individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, psychoeducation, recreational activities, and therapeutic interventions. The routine also includes structured mealtimes, adequate rest periods, and opportunities for socialization.

  • What types of therapies will be offered in the inpatient program?

    • The inpatient program may offer a range of evidence-based therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), trauma-focused therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, art therapy, and more. The specific therapies utilized will depend on the individual's needs and treatment goals.

  • How will discharge planning be handled?

    • Discharge planning is an integral part of the inpatient program. The treatment team will collaborate with the individual to create a comprehensive discharge plan, which may include referrals to outpatient therapy, support groups, medication management, and other community resources. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition back into the community and to provide ongoing support for continued progress and well-being.

  • Will aftercare support be provided?

    • Yes, aftercare support is an essential component of the inpatient program. After completing the program, individuals may receive ongoing support through outpatient therapy,. This helps to reinforce the skills learned during treatment and provides ongoing guidance and support during the recovery process.

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